Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Please read our FAQs below. If you still have an outstanding question or concern, please call or email us. 

Before Your Test

Are your tests accepted for international travel?

Yes, for international travelling to every country and airline, there is an option within our offering that will suit your need. Nevertheless, passengers are responsible for confirming all requirements for their destination, particularly regarding any minute/peculiar details pertaining to how the test should be performed and reported. Our most rigorous tests are preformed by ISO 15189 certified laboratories, which represents the highest and most rigorous standard of testing. All of our tests and results are reviewed by actual Canadian Royal College certified physicians; not pharmacist, nurse practitioners, or general practitioners.

What test do I need?

Travel requirements for COVID testing change on a daily basis, and it depends on your vaccination status, country of destination, and policies of your airline. We do not charge for travel consultation, and there is no way we can keep up-to-date with the countless different scenarios. Please use this website to check your destination country's COVID entry test requirement:, then double check with your airline to make sure that the information that you gathered is up-to-date and meet the airline's requirements as well. Passengers are responsible for confirming all requirements for their destination, particularly regarding any minute/peculiar details pertaining to how the test should be performed and reported. While we always strive to provide helpful customer service, Verify Fly Canada and its staff are not responsible for advising, confirming, or changing our standard practice to conform to any travel requirements.

What will be on my report?

The test report will include the following fields:

  • Your name, date of birth, and gender
  • Date and time of specimen collection
  • Date and time the lab received the sample
  • Type of test performed and your result
  • Name of the physician
  • Type of sample collected
  • QR code linked directly to a PDF copy of your report when scanned
  • Passport number (only if provided)
  • The lab's ISO 15189 certificate (only if requested)
  • Whether COVID virus is Not Detected (You are okay to travel) or Detected (you will be asked to self-isolate by our doctor)
For additional fees, the following information can also be provided:
  • The physician’s stamp and signature
  • Specific physician forms for the purpose of travel

How will I get my results/travel certificate?

We will provide the results/travel certificate to you by email in a PDF file. You can print and download your results at your own convivence. If you do not have access to a printer, we can provide a printed copy for you to pick up during our clinic hours, after your result has been released to you via email.

Do you guarantee that I will receive my test result on time?

The laboratories that we works with are very reliable and reputable. They have a long track record of adhering to the highest and most rigorous standards in the world, hence they are ISO 15189 certified. There has only been delays 1% of the time and never for more than a couple of hours. If there is a delay with your test result, we will immediately inform you and work closely with the lab to get the report to you ASAP.

How many people can I book at a time?

You can only make one appointment at a time. If you are travelling in a group, please book a separate appointment for each individual. You can all arrive at the same time even if there are no adjacent time slots and you have to booked for appointments at different times. The information you provide for your online booking will be on your report. Your name and date of birth must match your passport information. Our online booking system prevents errors and speeds up your registration process when you arrive for your appointment. It also allows our staff to double check the necessary information to prevent any problems with your report.

Is the test covered by OHIP/Insurance?

COVID-19 test (or any other medical services) rendered for the purpose of travel are not covered by provincial health plans, e.g. OHIP. For private insurance, each plan varies, and we do not deal with insurance companies directly. We are happy to provide you with a detailed invoice, and you can try to file a claim with your insurance company

What is the difference between the 'Nasopharyngeal Test' and the 'Non-Invasive Oral-Nasal Self-Swab Test'?

  • ​​​​​​ Nasopharyngeal swab: the swab is taken by the healthcare professional along the nasal passage to the nasopharynx until resistance is felt. The swab should reach a depth equal to the distance from the nostrils to the outer opening of the ear. The swab would be absorbing secretions for a few seconds and the slowly removed while rotating it.
  • Non-Invasive Ora-Nasal Self-Swab: this is a self swab and non-invasive technique where patient does it on his/her own. The swab is rubbed against the buccal mucosa for 3 turns each of the right and left side, and then inserted into each nostril until comfort followed by another 3 turns each of the right and left nostril (as if you are picking your nose).

On Your Test Date

What should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring your passport (or a picture of the page that contains your full name, date of birth, and passport number). Please also bring your driver’s licence.

How long will my appointment take?

If you have booked an appointment online, from the time you start speaking with the receptionist until you leave, the entire process will take approximately 5-10 minutes. Usually there are no lines that require additional wait, as we always schedule more than enough staff to meet the patient volume. However, at the very beginning and toward the very end of the clinic, or if you did not book online ahead of time or not sure about what times you need, there could be longer waits.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, debit, and credit card payments. Please note there is a $5/test transaction fee for credit card payments. There are no transaction fees for cash or debit payments. You do not need to make a payment to book an appointment. Payments are only made when you arrive for your appointment.

After Your Test

What to do if I have not receive my result after the expected time?

Our emails may not reach your inbox due to junk/spam filtering or particular server settings, so check your junk/spam folder. It is often there! If you still cannot find the results, please email us at or call (905) 982-0785 as soon as possible. If there are any delays with your test result, we will immediately inform you and work closely with the lab to get the report to you.

If my flight is canceled or my destination country changes the entry requirement, is there a refund?

Once the test has been administered, there are no refunds for the test.

If my travel destination refuses entry, is there a refund?

It is the responsibility of the passenger to check the entry requirement for their destinations and no refunds will be provided. Verify Fly Canada will not provide any refunds related to delayed or missed travel. Passengers are responsible for confirming all requirements pertaining to their travel plan.